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80-90% of the Homeless suffer from addiction.

Julie Dahlberg

Executive Director

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If you are looking for a way to give back and pay it forward, please consider support of our work.

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Pay It Forward devotes its energy to helping individuals and families destroyed by the disease of alcohol or drug addiction. Find out how you can make a real impact in the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

The disease of addiction knows no socioeconomic boundaries. Any type of individual can fall to addiction and subsequent homelessness. 

Who do we serve?

  • They become Pay It Forward Bridge Builders - A $40 monthly donation - Over a year, that keeps one person from becoming homeless after drug or alcohol rehabilitation.
  • They purchase VIA Bus Passes and donate them to help our clients get to job interviews and work.
  • They purchase $100 H-E-B Gift Cards and donate them to help our clients with groceries.
  • They share our story with those in their circles of influence.

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Contact us today to learn how you can get involved. We welcome

opportunities to speak to individuals, businesses and community groups to introduce our work.

you can 'pay it forward' by helping others rebuild their lives

Our mission is to keep recovering alcoholics and addicts from becoming or returning to homelessness due to alcohol or drug addiction.


Joe Anthony Flores

Program Manager

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Restore. Encourage. Rebuild.

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