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The Need:

Did you know that 70-80% of the entire adult homeless population suffers from addiction? Did you know that addiction is the number one reason that life change is difficult, if not impossible, for those that find themselves homeless and often hopeless? Did you know that the median age of the homeless in America is just 9 years old? Addiction cripples the homeless AND their children and often leads to generational poverty and hopelessness.


Pay it Forward Ministries fills the gap between recovery and life change by providing newly recovering alcoholics and addicts the opportunity to move into sober living facilities that increase the chances of remaining clean and sober dramatically! Since 2009, PIFM has provided over 1000 destitute men and women (at an average of 35 placements per month) with financial scholarships to move into our partner sober living homes and programs. Of our total placements 80% remain sober and transformed while residents in sober living which increases their odds of perpetual sobriety dramatically!

By God’s hand we must set the parents free of their addictions so that the children may be saved and the generational curse be broken forever. This is the goal of Pay it Forward Ministries.

The mission statement of PIFM is: “By funding entry into long-term sober living homes with well structured recovery programs, PIFM seeks to break the cycle of homelessness by placing every destitute alcoholic/addict- who desires freedom from their disease – into a safe, positive and nurturing living environment in which to practice early recovery from addiction.”

The Birth of the Solution:

In 2010, Brad Duphorne left his 20 year career in commercial real estate, formed Pay it Forward Ministries as its own 501 (c) 3 and moved the operation onto the campus of Haven for Hope in San Antonio Texas. Pay it Forward Ministries was founded out of Brad Duphorne’s gratitude to God for his own delivery from alcoholism and drug addiction in 2005. Since that time… by the Lord’s favor, direction and your critical support… PIFM has grown exponentially. We’ve brought together an exceptional staff, built a board that is among the strongest, most dedicated and passionate group of its kind in the city, and are now placing 35-40 newly recovering men and women into sober living homes each month.

Our stewardship of dollars is extraordinary based on our ROI (Return on Investment). It costs us only $400 to place someone into one of 35 sober living homes that make up our partnership network. The national average for individuals remaining perpetually sober upon leaving state-funded treatment is 2-6%. PIFM boasts an 80+% perpetual sobriety rate of those we have placed. That’s only $400 to radically enhance a man, women or families chance at lifelong transformation by the loving hand of God.

An Outlet for your unique gifting!

Although we have been blessed with remarkable success for a relatively young non-profit, much more remains to be done. Pay it Forward Ministries acts as an expression for your unique, individual giving. As stated earlier, PIFM now serves about 35-40 newly recovering men and women per month, but with your help we could double or even triple that number immediately.

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